Here is your chance to help out a ministry that is living “Pro Life” daily!

OK Gang! Here we go! We always talk about doing something…maybe we wonder what can I do to make a difference. Well, here is it is…Ruth Harbor (, a wonderful ministry in Des Moines, IA that helps young women that are unexpectantly expecting and feel they have no one to turn to, could use our help as we move into the colder months.

I contacted Mark McDougal, the director at Ruth Harbor, recently and asked him how I/we could help them focus on ministering to the girls and not worry about the day to day stuff. Well, Mark got back to me with a list of items that most of us would take for granted but would make their lives so much easier over the next several months. I think this is an easy and affordable way to help out and I know we can knock this out of the park!

So here is the list:

· Yard recycle bags (fall is coming and we use about 30 of these each time we rake leaves)
· Stamps (we go through lots at banquet time…COMING SOON, 11/14)
· Conference table (something like the one at this link:
· Ink cartridges (HP 940 for Officejet Pro 8500 A910)

Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?! So let’s get our family, friends, life groups, kids teams or classes, and really blow them away!

Please contact me ASAP at 5158687562 or and we’ll start working on this NOW!

Please contact me

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