Life Right Now podcast 5-3-14

*Hello Sioux City!

*Happy Retirement Rep. Shaw!

*Ruth Harbor with Mark & Tianna

*Woman sends letter to the “doctor” that attempted to abort her


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One response to “Life Right Now podcast 5-3-14

  1. Tim and Rebekah, our whole Ruth Harbor team visited your site this morning. After I shared a little bit about what you are doing, the positive philosophy with which you approach your work, and the brief, but good history we enjoy with you, we listened to the Tiana portion of the podcast from 5-3-14. It was encouraging for the staff to hear Tiana speak about her experiences and to hear her refer to concepts and principles that she has embraced while growing here at Ruth Harbor.

    It was a privilege for us to partner with you for the interview and the advertising for our recent Walk for Life (and thanks for attending) for which we are nearly at $25,000. We appreciate what you are doing and how you are doing it!

    Mark and the Ruth Harbor staff team.

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