Having Our Cake…Except When It’s Inconvenient

~Tim Overlin


Wow! Schizophrenia has become rampant! Let me explain…so, I was sitting working in my office and listening to the local news on the radio the other morning when I heard a story about saving babies. As you might expect, I perked up. They were talking about this new organization called Count the Kicks that was providing a free app that helps mothers-to-be keep track of the kicks and movements of the babies, generally beginning in the 28th week. Why? That’s what I asked. I later learned that by accurately monitoring the movements of your baby, especially in the 3rd trimester, you could help better ensure the health of your new baby. Who wouldn’t want that?! So back to the news story…I then heard a name that rang a bell, Janet Peterson. So to the trusty interweb I went. First, I went to their website and Facebook page…lots of talk about saving babies! Love it! I watched the video on the site and it was also very compelling. Then, I saw a familiar face at about the 3 minute mark…isn’t that my very own state senator Janet Peterson? She is talking about losing her little girl to an issue with the umbilical cord. I later find out from reading the blog about Count the Kicks on The Huffington Post that her daughter’s name was Grace and that this happened 11 years ago. Heartbreaking stuff to be sure! When I was a child, I lost a sister named Nicole in a very similar fashion, and while we haven’t talked a ton about it, I know the basic story and how devastating it was to my parents.

We try around here to not just be the stereotype pro-lifers that only care for the baby before they are born. On that note, we are all about loving and caring for all involved; baby, mom, dad, etc. Therefore, we are 100% behind the efforts of these ladies! And as often happens, what an amazing response to an unimaginably (for most) devastating event in their lives. BUT…you knew it was coming…we try to pay attention to all issues and stories involving the sanctity of all human life, which brings me to the multiple personalities disorder our society seems to have on the issue of life. You can find one of the many headlines from all over the net and watch a video of the “prayer” at The Christian News. There she is, Iowa State Senator Janet Peterson with her head bowed in “prayer” while the speaker continuously calls out “O Lord” while praising abortion providers, the elected officials that support abortion, and then asks for more abortions for low income women. Again, I ask you, how can this be the same woman?

Just to put the cherry on top; while I was verifying that this was the one and same Janet Peterson, I went to her website where I found this nugget: “In 2004, Janet proclaimed a goal of making Iowa “the safest place in the nation to have a baby” after losing her own daughter, Grace, to an umbilical cord complication when she was nine months pregnant. That year, she helped Iowa launch its stillbirth registry project which has brought more than $2 million in research funding to our state to help find the causes and cures for stillbirths, which cause more than 26,000 deaths in the United States each year.” WHAT?! I mean, how do we think we can have it both ways?!“We want Iowa to be the safest place in the nation to have a baby…unless that baby’s not a ‘wanted’ baby?”

I am posting this with a much different and sincere prayer that Sen. Peterson will see the contradiction in her actions and stated principles. I live in her district and would love nothing more than to meet with her to discuss this. Even as a registered Republican, I would proudly put her signs in my yard, if only she would be consistent about her support for all babies. This is the non-negotiable and defining issue of our day. If we can’t get this right, we lose all credibility on everything else! It’s not always easy to be consistent, but it is simple; we are either talking about a life or we’re not (science has laid this one to rest, by the way)…if we devalue one, we devalue all! Let’s hope it’s just the infinitely curable hypocrisy and not schizophrenia…



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3 responses to “Having Our Cake…Except When It’s Inconvenient

  1. Kerry

    This shouldn’t shock anyone. Our society wishes away this kind of cognitive dissonance by using qualifiers like fetus and product of conception for those unwanted or inconvenient babies and only using the term baby for wanted children. What surprises me is that we don’t have a term or two for unwanted children who have already been born.
    Nicely written, Tim. You’re not getting comments because the world is full of cowards who don’t want to be identified with a stance on any controversial issues because they fear someone won’t like them. I quit caring about that in high school.
    For tthose who want to minimize others with labels, I’m prolife in every situation. No I don’t have a womb, but I still get to tell the truth. Human life is meant to be protected as sacred. We cannot damage another without damaging ourselves.

  2. Johnf744

    I really enjoy the blog post. Great. gdbdeakdffkb

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