Personhood Iowa Announces 1st Pro Personhood Boot Camp


It’s time to stop playing partisan games with the most important issue of this generation — the slaughter of thousands of innocent Americans per day.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the formation of Personhood Iowa, a principled effort to promote a culture of life and end the killing once and for all.

On July 19th, Personhood Iowa invites you to attend our first-ever “boot camp” for potential candidates and activists to be held at Grace West Church in West Des Moines, IA. This event is for those who have felt the call to run for office, want to learn how to inspire their pastor/church to stand for the sanctity of life, or want to be more confident in standing for life before your friends, family, and community. Join us for a day of practical training and encouragement on how to do all of that and more.

We’ll be joined by exciting local and national guests who have the knowledge and experience to equip you to join them in the fight for life. Speakers that know there are no “exceptions” to be killed, but that God only makes exceptional people. They will equip and encourage you with the grace AND truth needed to win the most important moral argument of the age. They’ll teach you ways to get involved and encourage others to do the same.

A culture that is willing to casually discard its most precious natural resource, its own future, is a culture in spiritual crisis. While politics has a role to play in terms of public policy, the issue of life is too important to be continually used as a partisan political football. It’s time to put the primary responsibility for winning a spiritual war where it belongs — with our churches and not our politicians. 

If protecting life is on your heart and you want to align with those of like-minded courage of conviction, you need to be here! Let us give you the tools and confidence to win the fight! Space is limited and we expect seats to go quickly. Admission is just $15 to cover the cost of putting on the event…click on the Personhood Iowa logo above to register now. For more information contact Tim at 515.868.7562 or Email.


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