Life Right Now Podcast 8-16-14

On today’s show:

  • Details of Personhood Iowa’s event hosted by Rev. Keith Ratliff at Maple Street Baptist Church in Des Moines, IA. Breaking the stereotypes…9 to 1 on Saturday, August 23rd! Please join us and bring your friends, family, and pastors! Please contact Tim at 515.868.7562 for more information.
  • Speaking of breaking stereotypes! Meet Rep. Katrina Jackson of Monroe, LA! As we’ve said, we do not care about political parties here…we may not agree on all of the solutions, but we do agree that we have to protect life because ALL life is sacred, always! Read more here.
  • Now you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes (Apple) or Stitcher (Android)!

 Katrina Jackson rep16

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