Life Right Now Podcast 9-27-14

On this week’s show:

  • Special Guest, Rachel Owen Director of Informed Choice of Iowa, joins Rebekah & Tim to talk about a whole host of great news AND some exciting announcements!
    • Nearly 100%?! AWESOME!
    • Charlie is coming to Des Moines! How can you help?
    • Five, count ’em, Five banquets in one week! There should be no excuse to not be able to attend and hear the truly inspirational story of Gail McWilliams! Please click on the banner and sign up…NOW! 🙂

ICOI logo 2013_border_web.Informed Choice

  • Rebekah teases the sequel to a powerful and award-winning shot film…ReMoved.

Watch the original:

And the funding request for the sequel:

ReMoved Part Two update 2 (shorter) from HESCHLE on Vimeo.

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