Moment of Silence

Life Right Now with Rebekah Maxwell was conceived in early 2013 by the founder of The Tworldz Foundation, Tim Overlin. Tim wanted to honor his father who had recently gone home to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer. As we sometimes do after losing someone, Tim found himself questioning his legacy and what it meant for him to be a man, or a Christian.

Over time, Tim found he had a passion for the lives of the unborn, as well as the elderly and infirm. Tired of just spouting off on Facebook and wanting to do something about it, he organized The Tworldz Foundation to start amplifying voices for life, and refreshing the perspective of  the life movement. With lots of prayers and support, Tim brought Rebekah Maxwell on board as the voice of a new generation, ready to tackle the most important issue of all…life.

In January of 2015 Life Right Now made some changes. First, we moved away from terrestrial radio and refocused our efforts on creating compelling online content. We will still be doing our best to find great ministries and people that are Living Out Their Pro-Life on a daily basis and interviewing or highlighting those efforts. Please let us know if you know of something or someone that we should meet and put a spot light on.

Our purpose continues to be to bring organizations and people together to save lives.

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