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An oldie but a goodie…Perfect!

I was telling the story of how we got this whole radio adventure going the other day and remembered one of the first stories that got me thinking, “Why aren’t there more (pro-life) stories like THAT?!” This was one of the key testimonies that eventually inspired us to launching Life Right Now, which in turn, has lead us to becoming heavily involved in the kick-off of Personhood Iowa. Tissue Alert…enjoy! Most definitely worth the 14+ minutes!

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The Language of Abortion…Confusion

Please take a few moments and watch a brilliant demonstration of the ridiculous language that pro-abortion advocates use…and sadly, sometimes we let them get away with.



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Personhood Iowa Announces 1st Pro Personhood Boot Camp


It’s time to stop playing partisan games with the most important issue of this generation — the slaughter of thousands of innocent Americans per day.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the formation of Personhood Iowa, a principled effort to promote a culture of life and end the killing once and for all.

On July 19th, Personhood Iowa invites you to attend our first-ever “boot camp” for potential candidates and activists to be held at Grace West Church in West Des Moines, IA. This event is for those who have felt the call to run for office, want to learn how to inspire their pastor/church to stand for the sanctity of life, or want to be more confident in standing for life before your friends, family, and community. Join us for a day of practical training and encouragement on how to do all of that and more.

We’ll be joined by exciting local and national guests who have the knowledge and experience to equip you to join them in the fight for life. Speakers that know there are no “exceptions” to be killed, but that God only makes exceptional people. They will equip and encourage you with the grace AND truth needed to win the most important moral argument of the age. They’ll teach you ways to get involved and encourage others to do the same.

A culture that is willing to casually discard its most precious natural resource, its own future, is a culture in spiritual crisis. While politics has a role to play in terms of public policy, the issue of life is too important to be continually used as a partisan political football. It’s time to put the primary responsibility for winning a spiritual war where it belongs — with our churches and not our politicians. 

If protecting life is on your heart and you want to align with those of like-minded courage of conviction, you need to be here! Let us give you the tools and confidence to win the fight! Space is limited and we expect seats to go quickly. Admission is just $15 to cover the cost of putting on the event…click on the Personhood Iowa logo above to register now. For more information contact Tim at 515.868.7562 or Email.


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Money, money, money…and a cool certificate suitable for framing!

Ever find yourself wondering if there is any hope for the Pro-Personhood cause or maybe you feel like you are the only one you know that thinks the way you do? Well…STOP RIGHT THERE! There is hope and there are reinforcements coming! Please take some time to go read the efforts of the four winners of our recent Life Right Now’s First Annual Personhood Essay Contest and be renewed! These young people did such and amazing job! And there were so many more excellent essays turned in, it truly was very hard to pick the winners. Over the next several weeks and months we will start sharing the runner-ups and you will see what we mean. In the mean time, check out the links below…

Also, as the name implies, we plan on having a 2nd Annual contest that will be bigger and even better (though the bar was set pretty high!) next year! So please spread the word and be on the look out after Christmas break this next year!


Here we are with the immensely talented winners and our incredibly generous sponsors (Once Upon A Child & Informed Choice of Iowa).



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State Primary on June 3rd…Don’t Forget to Vote!

It’s that time of year again…doesn’t it always seem that way anymore, especially in Iowa? But I digress. We are quickly approaching an important time here in Iowa to make our voices be heard. We have many contested races by folks looking to become our representatives in various offices around the state and in Washington. It does seems like there is a much higher level of anxiety this time around for a mid-term election as we have some seats that are opening up due to retirements for the first time in years (or decades!) and then those scrambling for those seats and then those scrambling for those seats, etc. Whew! It’s like a crazy game of musical chairs. And, if someone doesn’t grab a chair on June 3rd, then it moves on to the State convention to be decided by the delegates…at least on the Republican side of things. The Democrats seem to have their minds made up for the most part regarding who they are putting up in November.

Well, we here at Life Right Now want to help you out. As you know, we try not to delve too deep into politics on the show, unless necessary, because we believe that this issue is a human rights issue and really shouldn’t be political at all. But, sadly, we have allowed it to become so. So here is a tool that will help you to try and nail these people down on the issue of life. We are also including an example of how you can use it from an experienced political junkie.

This is a pledge that might look vaguely familiar. It is a slightly modified version of the Personhood Pledge presented for the 2012 GOP presidential candidates to sign (all but one of whom did, another did so with an addendum). This particular pledge was altered to apply to the position of US Senator and used by friend of the show, Steve Deace and his wife Amy. They sent the pledge to three of the candidates running for the right to represent the Republican Party in Iowa against Rep. Bruce Braley for the seat being vacated by retiring (finally! Sorry.) Sen. Tom Harkin, as part of the process they used to interview those seeking their votes. Below the pledge you will see excerpts (and links to the full story and responses) from the candidates replies.

This is just one example of how to use this very powerful pledge to vet the candidates. Please feel free to ask those running to be your employees how they line up with the principles laid out below. Regardless of the office they are running for, these are fair questions. Local elections are maybe even more critical to find out where these people stand for a couple of reasons. One, under the system as envisioned by our founders, the power and control was to be closest to the people; these folks will be the leaders nearest to you. And, two, the local offices are the training ground, the farm team if you will, for positions higher up in government. Meaning that they will be farther away from you and accountability; we must be able to trust them! The city council, school board, etc. is where the state and national representatives, senators, governors, and even presidents come from. So don’t let someone running for city council or school board tell you that these questions don’t pertain to them! Besides, do you really want someone that doesn’t believe in the sanctity of human life and it’s intrinsic value making decisions for your city or school system (or your kids)?!

I am not one of those that says everyone should vote. I don’t want the folks that are taking our country to some place that I don’t even want to imagine showing up on election day. But I know that, for the most part, if you are reading this you are informed and care about the helpless and innocent. So please ask the tough questions and get out and support the candidate(s) that best “Live out their ProLife!

Find out when and where to vote at the links here.

The Pledge

“I __________________ proclaim that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God, and is endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to life.

I stand with President Ronald Reagan in supporting ‘the unalienable personhood of every American, from the moment of conception until natural death,’ and with the Republican Party platform in affirming that I ‘support a human life amendment to the Constitution, and endorse legislation to make clear that the 14th Amendment protections apply to unborn children.’

I believe that in order to properly protect the right to life of the vulnerable among us, every human being at every stage of development must be recognized as a person possessing the right to life in federal and state laws without exception and without compromise. I recognize that in cases where a mother’s life is at risk, every effort should be made to save the baby’s life as well; leaving the death of an innocent child as an unintended tragedy rather than an intentional killing.

I oppose assisted suicide, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and procedures that intentionally destroy developing human beings.

I pledge to the American people that I will defend all innocent human life. Abortion and the intentional killing of an innocent human being are always wrong and should be prohibited.

If elected to the Senate, I will work to advance laws and amendments that recognize the unalienable right to life of all human beings as persons at every stage of development, and to the best of my knowledge, I will only appoint federal judges and relevant officials who will uphold and enforce state and federal laws recognizing that all human beings at every stage of development are persons with the unalienable right to life.

I also vow never to vote for a budget or continuing resolution or bill or amendment that gives a single penny to Planned Parenthood or any abortion providers either here or abroad.”

Read full story at

Sam Clovis~ “I will support all the positions outlined in your pledge. I have been open about my positions and have campaigned openly about personhood legislation at the federal level. I have also advocated for absolutely no federal dollars to any organization that offers abortion services. I am the only candidate to campaign on bringing Fourteenth Amendment protections to persons from conception to natural, dignified death. Please feel free to fill in my name to the pledge. I will attach a signature for you to use, as well.

Matt Whitaker~ “As the father of three children, I understand the miracle of life. I am 100% pro-life and will oppose all taxpayer funding for abortions—to Planned Parenthood or any other group that shares their values. In the Senate, I will work vigorously to protect the unborn and stop any legislation that threatens the right to life. I have gone on record supporting a personhood bill consistent with Section 5 of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, because it is not the government’s role to select who should be granted this unalienable right. I will always fight for life, from conception until natural death, which is why I oppose embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and assisted suicide. In the United States Senate I will have no higher or more pressing priority than that of preserving human life at every turn—and this includes at all stages.

The appointment of federal judges is one of the most impactful and long-term decisions a Senator makes. When considering those sent before me to serve on the bench I will hold them to a standard of respecting human life consistent with my views.


Joni Ernst (submitted by a staffer)~ “To address your specific question on the issue of life, I have attached a document entitled “Senator Joni Ernst’s pro-life credentials.” As an individual and member of the state senate, Joni has lived an exemplary life as a defender of innocent life, which begins at conception and continues through every stage of development. She strongly cherishes every innocent life and will continue to unapologetically do so in Washington if Iowans choose her as their next U.S. Senator.” (See the link to see comment on attached document.)


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Life: A Work of Art

A new viral video is a very cool work of art made of water. It’s also accidental pro-life activism.

“To raise awareness among the general public about the global clean water crisis, the artist Belo created an image composed of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater simulating levels of impurities found in water all over the planet. This major work of 3,600 square feet, representing a fetus in the maternal womb, emphasizes the necessity of water, even before birth, for each living person.”

For each living person…from the very beginning.

Life truly is a work of art.

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Having Our Cake…Except When It’s Inconvenient

~Tim Overlin


Wow! Schizophrenia has become rampant! Let me explain…so, I was sitting working in my office and listening to the local news on the radio the other morning when I heard a story about saving babies. As you might expect, I perked up. They were talking about this new organization called Count the Kicks that was providing a free app that helps mothers-to-be keep track of the kicks and movements of the babies, generally beginning in the 28th week. Why? That’s what I asked. I later learned that by accurately monitoring the movements of your baby, especially in the 3rd trimester, you could help better ensure the health of your new baby. Who wouldn’t want that?! So back to the news story…I then heard a name that rang a bell, Janet Peterson. So to the trusty interweb I went. First, I went to their website and Facebook page…lots of talk about saving babies! Love it! I watched the video on the site and it was also very compelling. Then, I saw a familiar face at about the 3 minute mark…isn’t that my very own state senator Janet Peterson? She is talking about losing her little girl to an issue with the umbilical cord. I later find out from reading the blog about Count the Kicks on The Huffington Post that her daughter’s name was Grace and that this happened 11 years ago. Heartbreaking stuff to be sure! When I was a child, I lost a sister named Nicole in a very similar fashion, and while we haven’t talked a ton about it, I know the basic story and how devastating it was to my parents.

We try around here to not just be the stereotype pro-lifers that only care for the baby before they are born. On that note, we are all about loving and caring for all involved; baby, mom, dad, etc. Therefore, we are 100% behind the efforts of these ladies! And as often happens, what an amazing response to an unimaginably (for most) devastating event in their lives. BUT…you knew it was coming…we try to pay attention to all issues and stories involving the sanctity of all human life, which brings me to the multiple personalities disorder our society seems to have on the issue of life. You can find one of the many headlines from all over the net and watch a video of the “prayer” at The Christian News. There she is, Iowa State Senator Janet Peterson with her head bowed in “prayer” while the speaker continuously calls out “O Lord” while praising abortion providers, the elected officials that support abortion, and then asks for more abortions for low income women. Again, I ask you, how can this be the same woman?

Just to put the cherry on top; while I was verifying that this was the one and same Janet Peterson, I went to her website where I found this nugget: “In 2004, Janet proclaimed a goal of making Iowa “the safest place in the nation to have a baby” after losing her own daughter, Grace, to an umbilical cord complication when she was nine months pregnant. That year, she helped Iowa launch its stillbirth registry project which has brought more than $2 million in research funding to our state to help find the causes and cures for stillbirths, which cause more than 26,000 deaths in the United States each year.” WHAT?! I mean, how do we think we can have it both ways?!“We want Iowa to be the safest place in the nation to have a baby…unless that baby’s not a ‘wanted’ baby?”

I am posting this with a much different and sincere prayer that Sen. Peterson will see the contradiction in her actions and stated principles. I live in her district and would love nothing more than to meet with her to discuss this. Even as a registered Republican, I would proudly put her signs in my yard, if only she would be consistent about her support for all babies. This is the non-negotiable and defining issue of our day. If we can’t get this right, we lose all credibility on everything else! It’s not always easy to be consistent, but it is simple; we are either talking about a life or we’re not (science has laid this one to rest, by the way)…if we devalue one, we devalue all! Let’s hope it’s just the infinitely curable hypocrisy and not schizophrenia…



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Hey Students! Want to win $500? Here’s how you can…

life right now logo

First Annual Personhood Essay Contest

Deadline for submission: April 12th, 2014. Within each group, the stated prize will be awarded to a single winner. Submissions will be judged by a panel of judges and winners will be announced on the show and online on April 19th, 2014. Many of the submitted essays will be shared on the website and Facebook page. Please return the essay with the signed release found here, as well as a cover letter stating the name, grade group, and return address of the writer, to:

Life Right Now

1440 41st Place

Des Moines, IA 50311


Why Does Life Have Intrinsic Value?

Please find your age group below to begin your in-depth, Biblically sound quest to answer the question.





We especially want to thank our sponsors for allowing us this opportunity!

 ICOI logo 2013_border_web.Informed Choice

Horiz_1_0_fullcolor.Once Upon A Child

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Over 100 People Attend Local Students for Life 2014 Skate for Life


-Tim Overlin

February 24th, 2014

How refreshing! No, not the brisk and windy 24 degree weather…but the 109, mostly young people, that attended Dowling Catholic’s Student for Life 8th annual ice skating event, Skate for Life, at Brenton Skating Plaza in downtown Des Moines Sunday evening. It is so nice to see young people so passionate (did I mention it was COLD?!) and having fun while highlighting a sometimes-not so fun area of our culture.

I met, Sydney, one of the student leaders of the school’s chapter, last Monday at the annual Rally for Life at the State Capitol just up the hill from the skating rink. Sydney, her group of friends, and one of their teachers were waiting for the program in the rotunda of the state capitol building. We exchanged contact info and I promised I would put the Skate info up at if she would email it to me. She did and I did. At some point I decided I would at least make an appearance, pretty confident that I would not be putting on skates, but wanting to show my support. The cookies and hot chocolate made that even easier. I am glad I made it downtown. As I said, it was really refreshing and encouraging to see so many young people hanging out and having a good time, all the while raising around $450 for InnerVisions HealthCare, a local pregnancy center and STD medical clinic. It sure looked like they achieved their goal of having a fun event for students all over the metro, raise awareness for InnerVisions, and showing the youth of the area that service and fundraising can be fun and fulfilling.

Dowling Students for Life is larger than I thought it would be with 50 registered members, and has been a club for about 10 years. They are a very active group, regularly attending The March for Life in Washington D.C., the Midwest March for Life, the Day of Prayer at the Capitol, the Annual Mass for Life, the Life Chain, as well as visiting local pro-life organizations and planning and carrying out service events. The Teacher Advisor told me that the group tends to be more girls than boys, but that there is a very active men’s group at Dowling that does a lot of “manly” service projects and that there is some crossover.

I asked the bright young leader, what we as a show, a community, and a movement could do to help. Sydney replied with a very wise and humbling response, “Everyone can help by continuing to pray for a greater respect for life at all stages, in all places, and at all times. Prayer is our most important tool in bringing about a greater respect for life. I think it is also important to impress upon youth the importance of being pro-life in all their actions (not just at school or parish functions). Being pro-life is much more than rejecting abortion and euthanasia. It is a deep realization and understanding of the immense dignity each person carries within themselves. That understanding then affects all of our actions and changes even the way we think about things.” I would say that the popular phrase among young activists, “I survived Roe v. Wade, but Roe v. Wade won’t survive me,” sounds about right.

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When the “Experts” are Wrong


by Rebekah Maxwell

Imagine that, at long last, you and your spouse are expecting. You want everything to be perfect. So you start planning the nursery, staying healthy, and you go to the see the doctor for the appropriate tests. The doctor comes back with the test results…and tells you your child will be disabled.

The news shatters your world. The perfect bundle of joy you were expecting will need much more care and special attention than you were prepared to give.  How can you afford it with your lifestyle? This not what you wanted.   So you decide, based on the doctor’s diagnosis, that it would be better for the child to die. A choice so often made, it’s not unusual. Just one of those reasons we “need” abortion, right? To save us from disabled children.

But what if the doctor was wrong?

There’s no going back.

Courthouse News Service reports:

A New York couple who had an abortion after doctors misinformed them about the results of certain prenatal tests cannot recover damages.

Collette and Jeffrey Alger sued the University of Rochester Medical Center, Strong Memorial Hospital, a certified genetic counselor (CGC) and the director of Rochester’s Cytogenetics Laboratory for medical malpractice and for emotional injuries after Collette decided to terminate her pregnancy.

“We conclude that a reasonable view of the evidence supports the jury’s view that Laniewski, a certified genetic counselor, was not negligent,” the unsigned opinion states.

“We conclude that there is a fair interpretation of the evidence pursuant to which the jury could have found that defendants Hospital and Wang were negligent in reporting erroneous test results to plaintiffs, but that their negligence did not proximately cause plaintiff’s injuries,” the five-justice panel wrote. “The evidence presented ‘factual question[s] … whether, under the circumstances, it could reasonably be expected that plaintiff … would elect to undergo an abortion’ and whether that decision was sufficiently independent of defendants’ conduct to constitute an intervening cause. Those questions presented issues for the jury to resolve and we decline to disturb its resolution of those issues in defendants’ favor.”

This couple made the wrong decision. A decision that haunts them, causes them distress and heartbreak each day. It was based on wrong information, the wrong diagnosis…but ultimately (as the court points out), it was their own decision to kill their unborn child. They tore their own world apart. Why? Because they based their choices on the wrong premise.

They believed that their baby’s worth depended on his or her ability, that the little one fit the image of what his or her parents wanted for their lives. That if Baby Alger didn’t meet certain standards, then Baby Alger didn’t deserve to be here anymore.

I don’t know all the details of the parents’ reasoning, or exactly how they justified their choice. I just know what they did: they chose to take their child’s life away, rather than give them a chance to live a “less than perfect” life.

So when they discovered the truth, that their child was not physically disabled, they’re outraged. How dare you let us kill our child? We wouldn’t have done it if we knew the child was “normal”!  Make the doctors pay!

Yet, as the court found, the diagnosis of a disability does not mean a death sentence.  We’re not required to kill the weak…in fact, some would argue we’re required to protect them.

“Normal” or not, “healthy” or not, we all have some needs that require care and love. None of us are always strong enough on our own. When I’m a burden to handle, when my medical needs cost my family, when I need help, am I then less human? Less than a person? Is my life less valuable? Because I thought that’s what family is for…to carry and support us in our weaknesses. Not to eliminate us because we don’t fit the “perfect” ideal.

If Baby Alger had been given a chance, who knows what he might have done for his family to be proud of?

There are no “perfect people.” There are no second-class humans. Everyone deserves a chance. It’s so sad that the Algers (and hundreds of thousands of post-abortive parents) have learned this the hard way. There’s no going back with abortion. There is only emptiness, a pain that takes years and tears and the power of grace to heal.

The “law” that allows us to kill our own children for their inconvenience or imperfection will not protect us from our regret and our shame.  Experts can be wrong. And the experts that told us we should kill off the weak and undesirable people are dead wrong.

When we listen to them, so are we.

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